The Orange Housing Development Corporation

The Orange Housing Development Corporation (OHDC) was established by the Orange Housing Authority (OHA) to redevelop and rehabilitate OHA designated distressed real estate properities in the city of Orange. This initiative will organically lend to providing a quality of living for residents living in the city of Orange.

In 2008, the agency’s application to demolish the Walter Alexander Court Public Housing Development was approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) . The Orange Housing Authority then assigned critical public infrastructure, asset management and construction oversigth functions to the Orange Housing Development Corporation.

OHDC is now poised to undertake a variety of housing projects that will jump start the rebirth of neighborhoods throughout the city of Orange. The first major undertaking is known to locals, as the Dr. Walter G. Alexander Complex, located on Parrow Street and Wilson Place. On July 11, 2012, the community, local, state, and federal dignitaries gathered to celebrate the completion of the Dr. Walter G. Alexander Village which now provides a 114 housing apartments and homes for senior and family living. This private-public partnership will embrace revitalization with income qualified rental units and allow for home ownership opportunities. On the horizon for future development is Oakwood Avenue Project and The North Parrow Street Project.

In addition, OHDC and its board of trustees have identified and adopted core services when approaching distressed properties. Thus, making this entity experts in the areas of Land Management and Entitlements, Construction Management, Property Acquistion, and Asset Management.

All of these initatives in conjuction with the support of the Orange Housing Authority makes for a good formula in…”Builinding a Brighter Tomorrow”.